Photo Updates: Early August Growth

IMG_0558 IMG_0559

The eggplant’s leaves remind me of elephant ears. They are big! I wish I would’ve been able to fill up every little basket with plants; but this year, and in all ways, I’m learning how not to be a perfectionist. There’s an ideal, and then there’s what we do based on time and circumstances. I just hope that the tomato cage arrives soon. I’ve had lots and lots of wonderful salad with basil, romaine lettuce, and oregano. I was going to roll the dolly over to the wall and grow the plants toward a trellis that’s dug into a flower box. I decided not to do that based on where the umbrella is and what I am now going to grow in the box. I have other ideas that may come in handy if I need to employ them. I decided to go with a cage for the tomatoes, which is due to arrive soon. I know that every time I start my plants I will learn more. I’m just happy that I’ve been able to keep up with spraying the neem oil daily. It’s a challenge to keep up with the basil. It’s too much food for us; luckily I can bring a bag to school and give it away to someone or leave it in the kitchen with a note.


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