Growing despite not getting attention

Despite having a packed schedule, and barely enough time to garden (and sleep well, lately) – such as clip off the erratically growing greens and prune and groom, I still have food. 4 nice sized peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, oregano, chives, celery, parsley, green beans… etc.

We must have had 4 dozen or so salads from our romaine and it’s time to plant new ones, which will be in the works hopefully by the end of Sunday. 

The zucchini are finally starting to grow. I’m not sure that the artichoke will pan out, based on where it’s located on the tower, but we will keep working with it and rearranging as need be. It might be like the zucchini and need more time to get established. 

This garden is my joy. To me it represents my family – my grandmother’s number one priority outside of work, was her garden. It was the center of family activity. Its presence was consistent and ever-replenishing. To me my towergarden represents the hope of the future: hydroponic, healthy, space-saving. I look forward to the day that I have more time to “garden” and add another tower to my collection and have more to share as well. In the meantime – in my life – my nose is to the grindstone, while I stop to check out the garden from time to time – only to be very pleased!


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