TG Growing Guide Quick Links



Since we just set up our Towergarden for the second season, we thought that we’d make sure to have these links handy and helpful for you. It certainly was easy to put together! ย All of this information is also available at my website. I named it in honor of my Italian great grandmother, Serafina.

Here’s how my husband feels about our Towergarden in his own words:

“I love having a Tower Garden! When I feel like eating some greens it is so much more convenient to be able to pick lettuce and Swiss chard leaves off of the Tower Garden, rinse them off, and put them right into a salad. You can’t get a salad fresher than that! Seriously, buying a salad from the grocery store and having it sit in your fridge doesn’t compare.

Also, the Tower Garden is beautiful. It makes me smile to look outside and see it on our balcony. The sound of the water turning on every fifteen minutes — like a fountain — is peaceful and soothing.”

Here’s the guide:

Towergarden Growing Guide

How to assemble TG (video)